Kedgeree recipe

It’s said that kedgeree was brought to the UK in Victorian times by returning British colonials who had enjoyed it in India and introduced it here as a breakfast.

Like bubble and squeak, in pre-fridge days, it was a useful way of turning evening leftovers into big breakfasts – we still prefer it as a hearty lunchtime/dinner feast though…



one smoked haddock (undyed if possible)
one cup of peas (cooked from frozen)
one cup of basmati rice
one onion
2 teaspoons of mild curry powder
3 hard boiled eggs

  1. Cook the rice in two cups of water until ready & boil the peas.
  2. Fry the sliced onion in a little olive oil and add the curry and the sliced smoked fish.
  3. Add the peas and rice and stir. Boil the eggs until hard boiled and cut them in half and put on top of the kedgeree.
  4. Serve!
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